Increase the Peace

“Fun in many ways and a positive atmosphere!” – Maria 

“Very warm and welcoming. Learning a lot.” – Kerem  

It’s a privilege to be a part of a group promoting peace and equality in the world of today which can be harsh and unjust. I’d recommend it to anybody.” – Keren 


Berakah Arts are proud to announce that we have launched our new  multi faith youth ensemble which would be the first of it’s kind in the world. INCREASE THE PEACE is based at St. Mary’s Church, Acton on Tuesdays from 4pm till 6pm. Young, talented musicians meet here to rehearse and perform songs that send an up lifting and positive message into the community. The aim is to perform live so subscribe to our newsletter for up dates.

The band is tutored by the founder of Berakah Arts, Mohammed Nazam, a professional musician and music educator with over 25 years.

” It is my belief that the next generation will show us how to live together and how to make peace and understanding between people a reality. Music really helps to engage people with this message and it’s my honour to help to create a situation where young people  can begin to make this dream a reality.”

Here’s a clip of some of our current members rehearsing a classic –

INCREASE THE PEACE is looking for young people from all faith backgrounds to take part in this project so if you want to lend your talent to a band that is doing something positive about the much needed Unity that our world needs, get in touch.

Whether you play guitar, drums, percussion, sing, saxophone or keyboards – email us

For more information about us go to

twitter @berakah

The Berakah Project is an innovative charity that creates music to transcend barriers built by faith and culture, and to bring people together in a spirit of understanding and shared values. As a band we feature musicians from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith heritage and for the last 10 years we’ve played concerts and hold workshops in schools and community centres across the UK building a strong reputation.