As promised the choir returns in October with an 11 week season of rehearsals leading to a special Christmas concert. The start date is Monday October 6th at 7pm at the wonderful rotunda of the Inter Faith Centre in Queens Park London. The choir will once again be led by Berakah’s amazing lead singer Chantelle Duncan Heath and again, musical experience, reading music or even previous singing expereince is not a requirement for joining. We’re looking for people from ALL faith communities to come together to raise their voices for harmony and understanding to come along and get involved. Also, each session ends with cake and gabbin’ so what’s not to love?

We all know things are getting tough. Lots of worrying developments. This is a chance to put your energies into something positive with heart and soul and to proudly proclaim that you stand shoulder to shoulder with one another no matter what the difficulties.

If you’d like more details email us at
And we’ll get your name on the list. Everyone loves a sing song!