Education and working with young people has been at the core of Berakah’s work since the very beginning. In fact, it was due to our founders work in disadvantaged people involved in music workshops held by The Princes Trust that the idea for Berakah first occurred to him. To read more about his work with The Princes Trust and the genesis of Berakah click here. We’ve held music workshops both in London and places as far away as Leeds and Wiltshire and Mohammed Nazam has been involved in two trips to Israel/Palestine to work on music project there, bringing together children and young adults from both sides of the divide. Education, reaching deep into our communities and bringing the message of Berakah to future generations is central to our very ethos.

Currently we’re working on two long term educational projects and we’re looking for the pilot programme to be in place by Autumn 2014. In fact since we incorporated as a charity we’ve been developing mainly educational projects and making links to people in education so that we can fully maximise the potential for Berakah to positively influence the young people of the UK. If you’d like to read about our past work with some very young people please click here