The Berakah Project is a music based charity initiative, comprising band members and trustees of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith heritage. Our core values are:

  • Promoting peaceful co-existence
  • Opposing religious violence
  • Raising awareness and bridging cultures through the medium of music
  • Bringing together audiences from different faith groups through musical events
  • Challenging cultural stereotypes that exist in all communities
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Building bridges between people of different faith heritages
  • Promoting freedom of choice and values in line with individual choice


The organisation is made up of two tiers:

  • A band of musicians from different faith heritages, drawn from a core, but not limited to, the three Abrahamic Faiths
  • An advisory steering committee whose roles include (but are not limited to) strategy, vision , networking and financial best practice, with a management subcommittee, responsible for various aspects of the running of the organisation i.e press and communication, fund raising, event management and operational support of the organisation


  • Involvement in the activities of Berakah is not dependent on religious observance
  • Berakah welcomes anyone from any faith heritage who subscribes to our core values
  • This also includes people of no fixed faith who may feel that encouraging peace and acceptance is a meaningful way to build towards a better world for all people
  • Berakah as an organization does not discriminate against people on grounds of race, religion, creed, sexuality, gender or political affiliation, as long as these are not in conflict with the core values as noted above


Berakah’s activities will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Performances by the established band made up of core members Chantelle Duncan Heath, Serena Leader, Mohammed Nazam and Mark Hinton Stewart.
  • The formation of a Multi Faith Youth Ensemble performing contemporary music
  • The formation of a Multi Faith Community Choir for adults performing contemporary music.
  • Performances will be at relevant events such as festivals, special concerts and events that may be organized by Berakah or others.

Even though some performances will take place in places of worship this is done not to promote religious doctrine, but to raise awareness of common roots and shared values and to spread the message of Unity and Peace.


Full committee meetings will take place quarterly. Ad hoc meetings will take place as and when needed.