It feels wrong to wish everyone a Happy New Year, considering the events across the world in the first few days of 2015. So it’s with a sombre tone that I greet all of you.

The taking of lives in France, Africa and the continuing violence in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan casts a shadow over all of us and leaves us bewildered, upset and quite rightly angry. There can be no justification for such acts and my condolences to all the people affected.

After the events of last week an interesting exchange happened on social media, and I’d like to share that exchange with you now. I posted this after a gig –

“Something very important happened last night – amongst all the fun, dancing and awesome playing my good friend  came up to me and said how much he supported my work with Berakah and how, in the light of current events, he would be happy to lend his support in any way if I ever needed it.

I’m always very hesitant about mentioning Berakah in the wake of tragic events as I don’t ever want to be seen to be exploiting any situations, so the fact that people are aware of our work and are prepared to spread the word is vital. The support of friends, fellow musicians and the general public has been instrumental in helping me to keep up the energy that is required to keep going with this idea especially when world events can sometimes make one feel very discouraged.

As the instigator of an idea that is dedicated to seeding change in our society I realise that I can’t do this without the goodwill of everyone who believes in the principles of freedom and peace, especially as this year I’m going to start the thing that has been part of my vision since the beginning – a multi faith youth ensemble dedicated to spreading the idea that a more peaceful society is possible for all of us.

For real change to happen generations have to pass away and the seeds of change have to be planted in our young people.

If you don’t know what Berakah is go to and have a look at our Mission Statement.

There were a number of replies to this post expressing support but I’d like to share this one reply with you:

“Its not exploiting events, events are only demonstrating how urgent it is. You didn’t dream Berakah up as a knee jerk response, its something you believe in and have been working on for years. Its something we need more of. More than ever the religious and secular communities need to think of each other as human beings first, and religions second. Its a small planet and we’ve only got one.”

Nail. Hit. Head

Love to all.

Mo Nazam