The Berakah Project’s 10th Anniversary Concert

Thursday 4th June

St James’s Church, Piccadilly
197 Piccadilly, W1J 9LL
London, United Kingdom

The Berakah Project is an innovative charity that creates music to transcend barriers built by faith and culture, to bring people together in a spirit of positivity.

This concert is the first date of their 2015 tour, backed by the Arts Council of England, and celebrates their work and the work of countless organisations within our communities that are dedicated to bringing people together in the face of rising tension both at home and internationally.

The Berakah Players is a collective of musicians from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith heritage, and their unique sound fuses jazz, classical and Middle Eastern elements. This tour celebrates 10 years of making music for peace with new material specially written for the event featuring the core band and a string section.

With a mixture of World Music, Jazz, Blues and traditional elements drawn from Europe and the Middle East, the tour will also showcase new music, written specially for the tour to celebrate their first ten years. The London date will also feature both the London an South East Berakah Multi-Faith Choirs and will introduce the newly-formed Berakah Multi-Faith Youth Ensemble. The Youth Ensemble comprises musicians – vocalists, keyboard and guitar – from different cultures and faiths, aged 16 to 21, bringing the idea that music can create bonds and transcend barriers to a whole new generation.

Mohammed Nazam, the founder of The Berakah Project, says: “Each and every time we perform I see the power of our music melting the differences between people and bringing us together in one joyous group. Berakah’s ability to unite people across different communities and faiths is always an amazing and uplifting experience. Making music and showing how it brings us all together is a unique experience.” He adds: “For our new tour we have worked closely with local community organisations to plan the concerts to make sure that community members are involved and have the opportunity to come together in a spirit of unity and celebration. I am immensely proud of our Youth Ensemble, which represents the future of Britain.”

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This promises to be a very special night with new music from us and performances by the choir as well as the brand new youth ensemble. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about the tensions both here and abroad. It Now is the time to get behind something that’s working to bring people together rather than tear us all apart.
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