“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

Who said that?

Donald Trump.

Now, considering his sterling record in everything from international relations to gender issues you might be wondering why I’d even think of including that in a Berakah Arts newsletter.

One reason is that I find it ironic, and hence funny, when he says that you ‘have to think anyway’ considering that many people would point out that he and his followers might not be on the closest terms with thinking in the first place. But the real reason is simpler.

The rise of the kinds of attitudes that Trump personifies are a direct threat to all of us. Whether it’s the European Right with their historic Anti Semitism, the rise of Islamaphobia across the globe or  the attack on the black community in the USA we seem to be approaching another crossroads where we must all choose wisely, or choices will be made in our name.

We’re doing our little bit by launching INCREASE THE PEACE, in West London, on November 1st.
Have a look at the info below and please let people know.

All the best,

Mo x