It’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that the first Berakah Cafe ‘pop up salon’ evening at Miriam’s Munchies, a lovely intimate cafe in Harrow, was a resounding success. This was the first in a series of evening get together’s featuring talks, music and meditation and was a great departure for Berakah Arts as thus far we’ve primarily organised concert events.

People from all faiths and none, with a ‘soft’ focus’ on Jews, Christians and Muslims, came to hear music, listen to stories, meditate and experience the heart opening story of The Banyan Deer.  Spiritually uplifting music came from The Berakah Players and the wonderful Increase The Peace youth band. Hot soup, smooth coffee and delicious cake ensured that body was seen to whilst the story of The Banyan Deer ensured hearts were opened. A truly wonderful night. The next one, and last this year, is on Tuesday Nov 28th. Please come along. There are many events organised and for the benefit of particular communities but what we’re doing with Berakah Cafe is quite different. It’s an example of what I’m calling Open Spirituality and is for anyone, with faith or not, who believes in a more peaceful and joyous society.

An inspiring and enjoyable night of friendship. Come to the next one and get your spiritual batteries re-charged.


Mo x