“ I have been greatly impressed and moved by Berakah’s purpose and philosophy. Berakah  has the means to appeal to all, to every generation and all societies for it brings us together in Peace and shared musical joy.

Ruth Richman was a child in Nazi Germany. Just one incident brings so many thoughts.I see this little Jewish girl thrown out of her school being made to  to say “Heil Hitler”. I see her clinging onto the soldiers who were taking away her father shouting “You can’t take my Papa”. That alone puts me in mind of all the millions who have sought sanctuary; then I think of the racism, the hatred of “the other” which infects societies.  But we can all do much to change ours.

One way is  to build bridges to help us to find our common humanity.  Music and the Arts are significant way to achieve this and Berakah is a wonderful example of how to do it.  St John’s has a particular understanding of all our hopes which makes it the ideal venue.

I am proud and honoured to be able to support the concert which will be part of the Waterloo Festival at St John’s on June 23 2018. It will carry Ruth Richman’s name and I hope it will bring much joy and happiness to all who participate and may it  be the first of many such events. “


Michael Richman, husband of Ruth, 2018


Tickets can be bought HERE