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Berakah’s music is now online!

Our two CD’s of original music and ‘Berakah’ed’ songs by other artists are now available from all major and minor online download and streaming platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Napster! Now you have no excuse not to have learnt all the lyrics ahead of our next concert.

Co Op and Amazon Donations

We are delighted to announce that Berakah Arts has been chosen by The Co Op to be a recipient of it’s Local Community Fund. This is a scheme whereby members of the Co Op who live in the London region nominate a charity and then every time they buy Co Op branded items they get 5% back to their Co Op account to spend in store and 1% of what they’ve spent goes to the charity they nominate! If you’re not a member of the Co Op it’s easy to join (costs a quid!) and then you can log onto your account and choose us your charity. Our unique link is If you order your Amazon goods through the Amazon Smile web site you can also nominate Berakah Arts to receive a similar donation with each purchase.  Just head to when you next want to buy through Amazon It can’t be stressed enough how cash strapped small charities are and both our youth project, Increase The Peace, and our community choir, Sing for Peace, would appreciate your support and will appreciate every penny as it helps us to carry on our vital and up lifting community projects.

New Sing for Peace Choir term October 2018

New Choir Term – Starts October 2018 at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College.   Last year the Sing for Peace Choir performed at a sold out Central London festival event and at the Houses of Parliament. It’s a great way to contribute good vibes to the community and to enjoy singing your heart out. No experience needed. Two terms for £100/£50.  For more details email

The Berakah Players at Waterloo Festival, St John’s Church on Saturday, June 23rd 2018

“ I have been greatly impressed and moved by Berakah’s purpose and philosophy. Berakah  has the means to appeal to all, to every generation and all societies for it brings us together in Peace and shared musical joy. Ruth Richman was a child in Nazi Germany. Just one incident brings so many thoughts.I see this little Jewish girl thrown out of her school being made to  to say “Heil Hitler”. I see her clinging onto the soldiers who were taking away her father shouting “You can’t take my Papa”. That alone puts me in mind of all the millions who have sought sanctuary; then I think of the racism, the hatred of “the other” which infects societies.  But we can all do much to change ours. One way is  to build bridges to help us to find our common humanity.  Music and the Arts are significant way to achieve this and Berakah is a wonderful example of how to do it.  St John’s has a particular understanding of all our hopes which makes it the ideal venue. I am proud and honoured to be able to support the concert which will be part of the Waterloo Festival at St John’s... Continue reading →

Some photos from the First Berakah Cafe

We hope to see you at the next one!   TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28th   PERSONAL PATHS – Stories about individual approaches to spirituality. Comedy from Reverend Maggy Whithouse, talks from Inclusive Mosque.   Music – The Berakah Players, Paulina Mikojczyk and more TBC  TICKETS – SEE YOU THERE! x

World Class Music at Berakah Cafe

One of the highlights of the first Berakah Cafe was the fantastic cellist and newest member of The Berakah Players, Paulina Mikołajczyk, who played this beautiful piece of classical music, The Old Italian Love Song by Sammartini, accompanied by the amazing Mark Hinton Stewart on the joanna. Click on the link to see and hear a clip of this lovely song. 

A Message from Mo – November 2017

It’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that the first Berakah Cafe ‘pop up salon’ evening at Miriam’s Munchies, a lovely intimate cafe in Harrow, was a resounding success. This was the first in a series of evening get together’s featuring talks, music and meditation and was a great departure for Berakah Arts as thus far we’ve primarily organised concert events. People from all faiths and none, with a ‘soft’ focus’ on Jews, Christians and Muslims, came to hear music, listen to stories, meditate and experience the heart opening story of The Banyan Deer.  Spiritually uplifting music came from The Berakah Players and the wonderful Increase The Peace youth band. Hot soup, smooth coffee and delicious cake ensured that body was seen to whilst the story of The Banyan Deer ensured hearts were opened. A truly wonderful night. The next one, and last this year, is on Tuesday Nov 28th. Please come along. There are many events organised and for the benefit of particular communities but what we’re doing with Berakah Cafe is quite different. It’s an example of what I’m calling Open Spirituality and is for anyone, with faith or not, who believes in a more peaceful... Continue reading →

The Banyan Deer

During the first Berakah Cafe I read this story as part of the evening’s theme on A More Peaceful World. It’s from a book called Soul Food, which remains to this day one of my all time favourite books. It’s a powerful story so I thought I’d offer it to all our subscribers as a download through our web site or as a YT link.  Close your eyes, tune in and feel your heart opening.  Direct download Listen on YouTube