A Message from Mo – November 2017

It's with great pleasure that I can tell you that the first Berakah Cafe 'pop up salon' evening at Miriam's Munchies, a lovely intimate cafe in Harrow, was a resounding success. This was the first in a series of evening get together's featuring talks, music and meditation and was a great departure for Berakah Arts

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The Banyan Deer

During the first Berakah Cafe I read this story as part of the evening's theme on A More Peaceful World. It's from a book called Soul Food, which remains to this day one of my all time favourite books. It's a powerful story so I thought I'd offer it to all our subscribers as a

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A Message from Mo, October 2016

“You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” Who said that? Donald Trump. Now, considering his sterling record in everything from international relations to gender issues you might be wondering why I'd even think of including that in a Berakah Arts newsletter. One reason is that I find it ironic, and hence funny,

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A Message from Mo, September 2016

It feels like a short summer break so I hope you managed to get sone sun and maybe some Hammock Time (any beach based MC's feel free to use that one). Summer was super busy. As well as gigs and concerts with various bands I was setting the ground for future projects and, in line

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A Message from Mo, April 2016

Reading has always been one of my great pleasures and this year I've made a concerted effort to go back to reading some fiction. The last spate of fiction I read was about five or six years ago when I caught up with what I think of 'modern classic', including Kafka On The Shore, Cloud

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A message from Mo, March 2016

Sometime around mid February I visited and spent the evening with a man, about 82 years old, living in North London, who's wife had passed away. His family had arrived here four or five generations ago from Russia so he was as British as can be. His wife, however, was from Germany and had lost

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A Message from Mo – April 8th 2015

Hello friends and supporters, I'm delighted to be able to tell you the full details of our 2015 tour of England. The last time we toured so extensively was in 2007 and much has changed since then. This tour, backed by the Arts Council of England, celebrates our work and the work of countless organisations

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A Message from Mo, Jan 12th 2015

It feels wrong to wish everyone a Happy New Year, considering the events across the world in the first few days of 2015. So it's with a sombre tone that I greet all of you. The taking of lives in France, Africa and the continuing violence in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan casts a

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A Message from Mo, December 2014

“It's been a really busy time for Berakah – setting up a tour for 2015, organising our 10th London concert , writing new music and rehearsing with the choir for our Christmas concert. It's all go! In the midst of all that 'I'm so busy isn't life hectic I've got no time' type inner narrative

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A Message from Mo, Late July 2014

“Dark clouds gather. The skies darken. All seems lost. Even so, it's not a time to give up, rather a time to tread carefully. Brian Browne Walker, in his translation of hexagram 10 (“Treading/Conduct”) of the I Ching talks about avoiding the bite of a tiger by treading around it carefully - It is not

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